Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Once the villagers listen to and run toward oneself in succession

Capturing is fierce, the police substation is long be stabbed 7 knives
At around 8:30 A.M. January 17, the last Cai Xuan Xi Hong country pays Chuang village one villager panic nervous Zhang Di to run to come over, is roasting the villager whom the fire keeps warm to say to severals:"Four even and then become mad, is taking the belly dance hip scarves bayonet turns indiscriminately in the village, kill people!"Once the villagers silk scarves listen to and run toward oneself in succession, the door bolt is tight front door.
Introduce according to the villager, 42-year-old pay four even martial arts of once doing since childhoods, the waist inside usually ties up nine section whips and put a bayonet on the leg and saw who with a revolting feeling raised a hand to beat, Zhang Kou scolded, person in the village hated him and feared him.

When police substation bureau chief Chen Chun Zhi stopped

After weaving
A tree poured, another tree started to support all skies.
Wang Min of so want to do so, Be just"for making the husband walk have peace of mind".The love has a liking for to go, this is the strength of the natural affection to make however, but actually, this is to believe the strength of promise to go before pushing her firmly.
It are the fortitude and resiliences that needs how for 10 years, 10 years of car wheel, .But is exactly this kind of fortitude and resilience, write the most moving trustworthiness.(City in Chu sky reports Chen Ling Mo, Wang Shi An, , Huang Li, )(source:The Jing chiffon scarves Chu is net)
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
The local relevant leadership calls on Chen Chun scarves for women Zhi
The last Cai Xuan Yi villager suddenly becomes mad and breaks and makes unusable the neighbor is new wall and door, and hold the bayonet turns indiscriminately in the village and threaten homicidal.When police substation bureau chief Chen Chun Zhi stopped, on the head, carry on the back the last quilt to connect Tong 7 knives.When reporter sent report yesterday, the body was subjected to Chen Chun Zhi of severely wounded haven,t escaped silk scarves wholesale from life danger.

For repaying fully front and back obligation of 780

Henceforth of 10 years, for repaying fully front and back obligation of 780,000 dollars, Wang Min since early be greedy for black, rush about in the outside every day very busy, come back to still want favour household chores.In 2009, the daughter enters occupation technical college in Wuhan, this makes Wang Min feel the life"have already hoped more head".
However, at Wang Min will out of debt of time, last year, drive with the night class driver of her partner occurrence trouble, she compensates the other party quite a few 10000 dollars.Wang Min ratio the past worked hard at chores more, she said, oneself has been embracing a conviction, "owe of there is a day to repay fully in head quarter money, the person always sees before wanting into"."The king quickly earns one is owns living and moves us."City never hesitated to do what is right foundation rights guarantee department minister belly dance hip scarves Yang An Qing say, the government department concerned is actively also thinking a way to help hero family members.

The robber is stealing a cellular phone

On the dawn of April 5, 2001, rent car driver Zhang Qiu blares a car to go home, suddenly discovers a wayside cellular phone store front door being pried opens, the robber is stealing a cellular phone.He immediately comes forward to stop, and launch physical fight with robber, unfortunately designer silk scarves be in the robber sting counted knife, bleed excessive honour sacrifice.After, he is saved, the city give never hesitated to do what is right advanced member.
Zhang Qiu after blaring the sacrifice after death leaves the obligation of tens of thousands dollars.At that time, wife, Wang Min, took only 10 daughter Suises of years, the desire inside the cabin in not enough 20 square meters cried to have no tears.Must have peace of mind for the sake of making the husband"walk", for keeping a big adult of daughter, Wang Min decides to once connect the husband is steer device and continued to open a rent to repay loan.

The "of elder brother" Zhang Qiu of Wuhan blares to stop burglar brave sacrifice

If should immediately take off to catch fire clothes or tear open to throw away in time.
Use cotton quilt, thick clothes etc. to tightly wrap up body, let the flame put out.
The neighborhood has the water jar, pond and river the ditch, commendable water sprinkles to extinguish the fire on the body, but don,t directly take Burberry Scarves the water in case infection or obfuscation are drowned.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
10 year agos, the "of elder brother" Zhang Qiu of Wuhan blares to stop burglar brave sacrifice, after death leave tens long scarves of thousands dollars obligation;Wife, Wang Min, once connects steer device, the part compensated obligation to simultaneously pull and drag an eldest daughter, this"of elder sister" a be is 10 years ……
Yesterday(on the 20th), Wei in Wuhan City often Wei and the government method Wei secretary beard clue 鹍 and city the never hesitated to do what is right foundation representative director arrived at Wang Min Jia and sent the consolation money 5000 dollars.Restraining tears water of Wang Min Yan, the voice voice thanks, she tells everyone a good news:Daughter next year graduates university, all obligations of home will also repay fully.

The common agency reports

The common agency reports, before accepting an interview, scarves for sale have something to do with thanking wild attending a society guarantee system reform of cabinet meeting.This is after Jian kept person is cabinet on the 14th reshuffled for the very first time hold this meeting.
The cute scarves national strategy that equally attends this meeting takes big minister Xuan leaf light one Lang said while accepting the interview of media reporter, the government might adjust range to announce for the consumption tax a few sets can choose a project.
Currently, Japanese consumption tax tax rate is 5%.Leading opposition free Democratic Party advocates raising the tax rate to 10%.
Have a condition
With thank wild 19th to emphasize, the government cans announce a consumption tax adjustment project in June and is decided by "political environment".

Friday, February 11, 2011

I like this look after her in proper form not

(This text source:Man net-Wuhan evening newspaper author:Ten thousand frequently correspondent Wu Ze Yi, Xu Shuang, )
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
See world:Small in 20-year-old Tunisia marries 70 years old old too stiller small than its granddaughter
On the 19th, Chongqing always Chuan area, 96-year-old clock Chen Shi(is left) and 71-year-old Pan from just the old man match a shadow to keep as memory in the bride chamber.According to understand, Pan big Ye the parents die at the age of 3, because of poor, having no miss is willing to marry him.Afterwards, he lives into respect an old hospital.Clock is being old to experience too much is very frustrated.Because can not grow, the old woman is expeled family by the husband is family at the age of 20.1982 she is sent to respect an old hospital, is respecting an old hospital, the clock is old to know her second husband, Yang Yi Hui, too much.After Yang Da Dun Ye dies in 2007, the clock is old can not bear the pain of losing the man too much, the Pan of the next room big Ye sees its wretchedness and start looking after her."If don,t do to get married a certificate, I like this look after her in proper form not."The Pan big Ye says that the perfectly deserved earth shine attends to her.On January 5, Pan from just the old man take a clock old carry out to conclude to marry a procedure too much.Tang Hao shoots