Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Once the villagers listen to and run toward oneself in succession

Capturing is fierce, the police substation is long be stabbed 7 knives
At around 8:30 A.M. January 17, the last Cai Xuan Xi Hong country pays Chuang village one villager panic nervous Zhang Di to run to come over, is roasting the villager whom the fire keeps warm to say to severals:"Four even and then become mad, is taking the belly dance hip scarves bayonet turns indiscriminately in the village, kill people!"Once the villagers silk scarves listen to and run toward oneself in succession, the door bolt is tight front door.
Introduce according to the villager, 42-year-old pay four even martial arts of once doing since childhoods, the waist inside usually ties up nine section whips and put a bayonet on the leg and saw who with a revolting feeling raised a hand to beat, Zhang Kou scolded, person in the village hated him and feared him.

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